Delivering C-Risk

C-Risk is made up of three project phases that will review best practices and characterise the Irish context, engage stakeholders at national, sectoral, and local authority scales, and collate information to determine the urgency of action needed for different risks and opportunities in Ireland. For more detailed information:


Current available outputs include a literature review of climate change risk assessments (CCRAs) that describes a series of frameworks and approaches that have been used around the world. Five case CCRA case studies are presented along with an examination into how a CCRA process could be tailored for Ireland.

Our next steps include an in-depth review of available studies and relevant data from Ireland specifically focused on climate risk. This will not only help us identify sources of data for the CCRA but also determine gaps in knowledge.

In addition to our literature reviews and workshop reports, we have also developed a C-Risk Study Series. These booklets are designed to make the concepts examined during this project more accessible to multiple stakeholders. They draw on a range of information and knowledge from around the world as well as from Ireland. Data used in these booklets can primarily be sourced from Climate Ireland. There are three titles so far as they can all be downloaded directly from the links on the side panel of this page:

  1. Quantifying Climate Risk
  2. Indicators of Climate Risk 
  3. Mapping Climate Risk


Phase 1 Outputs

Phase 2 Outputs

Phase 3 Outputs